The First Woman-Owned Virtual Popup Shopping Site Featuring Women Crafters, Artists and Artisans.

We are makers. We are creators. We are dreamers. We are visionaries. We are caretakers. We are providers. We are inspired. We are driven. We are EveNest.

EveNest is a place where women come together to support and uplift one another. 





We are proud to have built a platform that allows women-owned business ventures to soar. We are proud of the supportive, creative, encouraging and nurturing community that we have built. We are honored to serve as the catalyst which helps women expand their businesses beyond their friends and family circle to maximize their impact in the world.

EveNest was founded by a businesswoman with years of experience in entrepreneurship and ties to the United States military. She would notice time and time again that women were struggling to be seen in the business landscape, even as they were trying to contribute financially to their families. This is often, and especially true, of women keeping it together at home as their partners, family and friends are deployed.

She saw the need for the ideas and the brilliance behind the execution. The missing piece was visibility. She set out to create a marketplace to increase exposure across the country for women-owned businesses. Throughout the years, EveNest has grown into a community of dreamers and doers who support and uplift one another. At EveNest, we rise together.

Become a Vendor

When you partner with EveNest, you’re joining a collective of hundreds of small business owners sharing and supporting one another. Our reach spans across the United States. This community is a way for you and your business to be seen by new audiences eager for something innovative and exciting. Joining our community is one of the most economically savvy moves you can make for your business. Your exposure grows tremendously without having to invest thousands of dollars in advertising and marketing campaigns.

Not to mention, you become part of a community of women who work to uplift, nurture and support each other day in and day out.

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Featured Vendor

Featured Vendor

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